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Nous faisons les choses différemment. Nous excellons dans l’innovation et la customisation.  Quel que soit votre emplacement, nous sommes à même de vous connecter au reste du grâce au haut débit par satellite.  Nos connections supportent la data, la vidéo ainsi que la voix.

POULSAT professional services for cellular operators

Our IP and Network engineers will help you correct the inadequacies in your network or help you make the most of your network and service potential.


POULSAT wishes you a connected new year!

NOW offering new:
Broadband Packages
Innovative Virtual Networks Packages
More Pure Bandwidth Packages
Hassle Free Managed Services
Intelligent Wi-Fi for operators
ICT Network Services for secured and connected network


POULSAT Universal Connectivity

In 2019 no entity or region should suffer the consequences of inadequate connectivity. We deliver connectivity to the most remote areas at very competitive pricing.