Voice, Data & Video transmissions
Private Network interconnection
Business TV or radio
In-house training
Banking transactions
Customs control
Homeland security
Remote surveillance
Distance learning
Management of points-of-sale

POULSAT enables WiFi indoors for hotels, hospitality industry, and also in outdoor environments with larger coverage areas like university campuses, hotels, parks, or even more challenging environments. Other uses of Wi-Fi are:


  • 3G/4G Offload
    The massive penetration of smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets has led to an exponential growth in mobile data usage, and mobile infrastructure capacity can’t always keep up…
  • Wireless Broadband
    While the broadband wireless access business offers many benefits to ISPs and end-users, like fast deployment, reachability and more, it poses a constant tradeoff between cost per end-user line vs. coverage…
  • Private Networks
    We offer long range and high capacity connections to enterprises that needs high performance solutions.